Apple’s FaceTime for Android smartphones: best solutions

Android users are presented with many options in their devices with software settings that know how to make devices individual. But so far, more problems are seen in video chat messaging when communicating with users on Apple. This article will find the right way to run FaceTime on your Android device.

This option was able to activate in the fall of 2021. Apple released an iOS 15 that allows more interaction with Android devices.

The FaceTime setup process

  1. Click the FaceTime link to join the program.
  2. Enter your name or nickname.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. You now need to provide the necessary permissions to use the microphone with your device’s camera.
  5. Click Join.
  6. Now you need to wait for an invitation from the person who sent you the application.
  7. That’s all, enjoy the video call!

During the call, the user will have access to on-screen controls, such as turning the microphone and camera off/on, using full-screen mode, and switching between the front and back cameras.