Error Code 0x80042405-0xA001A on Media Creation Tool

Media Creation Tool is an instrument for downloading a Windows disc image and creating a bootable USB flash drive that you can use for installing Windows 10. It is a small and simple program, but still, it has a few flaws. One the errors you might get while using this tool is an error with the code 0x80042405-0xA001A. In today’s guide, we will talk about this particular error that prevents you from using Media Creation Tool on your PC.

How to fix error code 0x80042405 – 0xA001A?

Windows Media Creation Tool helped many users with Windows installation on their PCs. But one critical error is enough to break the program. The 0x80042405-0xA001A error is one of them. You might face it during the process of creating your bootable media. But fear not as it is a common error, reported by many users. It is related to the USB hardware, more specifically some minor issues that won’t allow the program to work properly with your bootable device. Luckily, it can be fixed.

The following methods should help you to solve the issue.

Method #1

You should start with formatting your USB flash drive. Even if you have formatted it before the procedure. Open File Explorer, find your USB drive, then right-click it and select Format from the context menu. A new window with options will appear.

You need to set drive type to FAT32 and deactivate Quick Format. It may take more time but if it helps – it is worth it.

After reformatting, launch Media Creation Tool and see if it works now. It is highly likely that now everything should go smoothly because now your drive has a proper type (FAT32) and all minor issues should be resolved.

Method #2

If the first method did not help, you could take another approach that has helped many users. It starts like the first one – with reformatting your drive. After that, however, you need to copy your Media Creation tool to the flash drive (note: use the latest version of the tool available at the moment). Run WMC from your USB flash drive. It is proven to be a working solution that allows avoiding software bugs.

Method #3

If two previous methods failed, there is still a chance to fix the error 0x80042405-0xA001A. For this method, you will need a third-party utility because at this point you give up on the primary functions of Windows Media Creation tool. The best programs for creating bootable USB flash drives are Rufus, Universal USB Installer, and UltraISO. First two are freeware, while the last one has a commercial trial. The choice is yours.

Also, you will need a disc image with Windows 10 to work with. You can download it manually or use the second option available in Media Creation Tool. The download option should work as intended even if the primary functions fail. If you need additional information on how to create a bootable USB flash drive, look for other guides on your website. For example, click this link to find out how to create a bootable USB flash drive with Rufus.