Factory reset an HP laptop – how to fix it correctly

Not sure exactly how to reset your HP laptop to factory settings? Then use our proven methods!

Don’t know how to reset your HP laptop properly factory? Don’t worry, let us try to figure out the problem and successfully solve it.

When big system problems arise with HP brand laptops, a factory reset can be an excellent solution. With the purchase of a new computer, it is sometimes necessary to dispose of your old HP laptop, so resetting your computer to factory settings before you sell it is the most effective method to remove personal information safely.

Method 1: Factory Reset via Windows Settings

First, type reset this pc in the Windows search bar – choose Reset this PC – click Start – now select the option of “Save my files” or “Delete all.”

Do you want to keep your personal data as well as apps with settings? Then click Save my files – Next – Reset. The PC will then start the operating system reinstallation procedure and reboot.

Do you want to delete all your files? Click Delete All – Continue following the instructions on the screen.

Delete everything from the drive where Windows is installed – click Only the drive where Windows is installed. 

Delete everything from your computer – tap Delete All Disks.

Use the following method if this one didn’t work for you.

Method 2: Reset to factory settings through the Windows recovery environment

When the user is unable to log into the HP laptop normally, it is better to try to reset the settings to the factory settings through the Windows recovery environment:

First, make sure that the HP laptop is turned off and all external devices are wholly disconnected from the laptop, with recently added internal devices removed.

Turn on the HP laptop – press the F11 key – the Select Options screen should appear – click on Troubleshooting – click on Reset this PC.

Now choose the Save My Files or Delete All option. For the first option, you need to click Save my files – Reset.

The PC will then reinstall the OS and reboot. For the second option, you need to press Delete All – continue to act according to the specified prompts.


Now you know precisely how to factory reset an HP laptop. Use our tips and solve your problem quickly and correctly.