Fix Modern Warfare Crashing on PC – The best methods to solve the crash – Only proven fixes

 If you don’t know how to fix Modern Warfare Crashing on PC, use our methods to solve the problem. Play your favorite game without any malfunctions!

Try each of the methods that we’ve talked about here to fix the Modern Warfare crashing error. The crash usually occurs on explosions. Nevertheless, it’s not restricted to that. Generally, it happens out of nowhere, at different times when the game begins or ends. The annoying factor that makes it exhausting to test is that it would not happen every time.

First of all, ensure that your Modern Warfare is fully updated before reloading it. Below are some of the efficient solutions we have compiled to fix the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare crashing problem.

Method 1: Close each background application and restore the game

First of all, you must early shut down each application running in the background – press Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Please pay attention to the antivirus software when it is on. An antivirus can cause problems with the game – turn it off while playing Modern Warfare.

Method 2: Checking device driver updates

Make positive your Windows and Nvidia or AMD drivers are up-to-date and configured accurately. You will be amazed at how you usually miss a driver replacement on your graphics card. This hack can solve any Modern Warfare PC issue, including crashing one.

One of the most frequent failures in games is the graphics driver. The fact is that the graphics card (GPU) is considered the essential gaming performance element. If the graphics driver is outdated/damaged, you should expect a game crash. Update your video card driver at the manufacturer’s website or install a verified application to install all missing or corrupted drivers on your computer.

Players report about the game crashing after only 30 seconds of playtime and repeated crashes forcing them out. Even gamers with the newest GPU drivers installed are going through the same downside. This seems to be the case for players with the latest spherical of graphics drivers installed just as a lot as anyone else, though the error messages aren’t at all times the same. Graphics cards are the guts of games. Therefore, it’s value noting that the graphics card driver has to be related to the newest drivers as a substitute for outdated ones.

If you’re operating an older rig, remember to examine the official Activision supplied knowledge for the game’s system necessities. Whenever you experience issues whereas attempting to play any game on your PC, the very first thing you need to look into is your graphics drivers. Your graphics card significantly determines gaming performance. If you have a faulty, incompatible, or outdated graphics driver, you make any headway.

Make the scan of the drivers on your PC. Once the scan gets finished, it exhibits the record of drivers, then reviews them. If the above ones proved unable to rectify the Call Of Duty freeze error, then here is one more resolution, and that’s to close down all of the background running apps. Shutting down all of the applications that might be working in the environment not solely solves this problem; however, this can surely increase the efficiency tempo.

Method 3: Turn off V-Sync or Vertical sync 

V-Sync or Vertical sync is a protocol that helps a PC perform appropriately by ensuring that it’s firing off the framerates that match your monitor’s refresh fee. This expertise was developed primarily to fight display screen tearing but in some games, having V-Sync turned on might cause it to crash.

Method 4: Delete the new utility

Applications that can manipulate recreation data like Cheat Engine and even safety software programs may cause issues with other software programs. Some software programs on your laptop or PC could also be interfering together with your game. If you latterly installed a new utility, try deleting that and see if COD Modern Warfare stops crashing.

Method 5: Setting texture quality from high to standard and vice versa

To play Call of Duty smoothly, players set the graphics settings to Low. Shallow graphics settings can cause crashes. The game may crash due to insufficient texture quality (Dev Error code 6178). Setting Texture Resolution to Normal/High will help solve the problem, depending on your computer’s specs.

Open Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – go to Options – Game Settings – Graphics – go to Detail and Texture – set the Texture Resolution to High or Normal.

Method 6: Scan and Restore Game

This is the easiest method if there are problems with the game crashing. Corrupted game files often cause malfunctions with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.


Game library section – right-click on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Properties – then go to Local Files – click on Verify Integrity of Game Files.


Find the game – click on Options – then Scan and Repair.

Method 7: Stop Overclocking

CPU Overclocking often improves your gaming performance, but your game would be more unstable, and Modern Warfare crashing.

You also need to lower it back to the default setting if the game crashes after GPU overclocks.

Method 8: Disable the Discord

When the user uses Discord features, he should disable In-Game Overlay because it often causes malfunctions.

Open Discord – click on the settings sign – go to the Overlay tab on the left panel – now disable Enable in-game overlay.


We hope that our methods helped you solve all the problems with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. If none of the scenarios enabled you – try to reinstall the game.