Fix Surface Pro or Surface Book Camera not working

The majority of laptop and tablet owners often use the frontal camera for online chats, meetings, or streaming. Visual contact is important. But what to do when suddenly the camera stops working as intended? If you have a problem with a camera (front or rear) on your Surface Book/Surface Pro 4 – it is not showing in Device Manager or not working for unknown reasons – we have a few tips to fix it. They should help you when Windows 10 cannot recognize the camera and use it normally.

Surface Pro Camera not responding

Method #1: check updates for your camera app

Microsoft often updates apps for their devices. We recommend browsing the Microsoft Store and search for Windows Camera. It is possible that there is already an update that can bring your camera back to life. If you have found a fresh update, then immediately download and install it. Reboot your device and see if the problem with the camera is solved. 

Method #2: Update drivers for the camera or rollback them

As you know, all hardware has its own drivers to function properly. Maybe the problem with the camera is caused by a faulty driver. To check this guess, you can either install the latest camera driver or rollback to the previous version. The second option is recommended, but if it does not work, go with the first one. Follow this algorithm: 

  • Open Device Manager on your device (the combination of WIN+X+M).
  • Click the arrow near Imaging devices.
  • Select Microsoft Camera Front or Microsoft Camera Rear and right-click it.
  • Open Properties, and look for the Rollback option. If it is available there, then rollback. After doing that, check if the camera is alive.
  • If it did not work for you, select Update Driver Software. The Windows Update service will start looking for the new specific drivers for your Windows Camera. When the driver is found, it will be installed automatically.

Don’t forget to restart your Device after the last step and then try to activate your camera with the newly installed software. 

Method #3: Use Hardware and Devices troubleshooter

If both previous methods didn’t work and the issue persists, you may need to use the Hardware and devices troubleshooter tool.

  1. Open Windows Settings
  2. Select Update and Security
  3. Click Troubleshoot
  4. Select Hardware and Devices
  5. Run The troubleshooter.

Method #4: Use UEFI to enable or disable the camera

UEFI is a replacement to BIOS, an upgraded version if you want. It also works with the hardware and allows enabling/disabling computer components when needed. More information about UEFI you can find in this article on our website. Launch UEFI, find your camera and disable it. Boot Windows normally, then restart your computer and enter UEFI again. Now enable the camera. These actions will force the system to detect your camera as new hardware and automatically reinstall drivers for it.

We hope that at least one of these methods will help you to find out what is causing the problem with your Surface Pro camera and fix it.