Fix the Discord Mic Not Working – proven 2021 Guide – The best methods only

If you hear that Discord Mic Not Working, check out the guide to fix the problem in few ways

Discord works flawlessly with fairly minimal issues. The growth team behind Discord is fast in fixing reported problems. But sadly, there are several problems, like, Discord mic not working, that haven’t been fixed. If you can’t hear people on Discord, then learn this article. 

Method 1: Check Voice and Video Enable

It has behavior to make a weird selection of the Input Device as Default. The Discord no sound will happen with gaming together with microphones. If the Discord app doesn’t work or Discord can’t hear the Voice throughout the web connection, you need to run the Discord like administrator. In different words, they take over the exclusive right to access a given microphone for entering voice.

In Voice and Video Enable Push to Talk and select a keyboard shortcut to push that button to speak; your device is linked to your system. 

Method 2: Remedy the mic problem

If you need to remedy the mic problem, generally, the options lie probably the most fundamental solutions. Quit Discord by proper-clicking the Discord icon on system Tray and then by clicking Quit Discord. reset-discord-mic2A message will show up, warning that your settings might be reset, after which click on OK. If it’s a mic with a USB connector you need to make sure that it is correctly connected to the USB socket.

If the microphone is disabled in Windows privacy settings, you may face the mic not working on Discord problem on your PC. After that, search for the newest however suitable model of the audio driver. You possibly can proceed by downloading it, after which installing it in your system.

Method 3: Corrupt Discord software

The reason can be an outdated firmware or corrupt Discord software program file. Sometimes compatibility issues trigger such issues. Generally, the Discord team comes up sooner with bug repair; however, this one is rolling around for months. After eradicating the motive force from Windows 10, you can navigate your audio system’s official website to obtain the most recent driver.

Method 4: Update your audio drivers

An old, incorrect, or missing audio device can be fixed by updating, replacing, or adding drivers to Discord.

Update the driver manually: 

Update the audio driver by visiting the manufacturer’s website to get the audio card and the latest correct driver. Be sure to choose a driver that is fully compatible with your current Windows system.

Update the driver automatically: 

You can automatically update the video/monitor drivers through special software, such as Driver Easy, which automatically knows how to recognize the user’s system, find the necessary driver for the audio card and Windows system, and download and install them correctly.

Method 5: Reset the voice settings

Try resetting your Discord voice settings.

Click on the Settings icon on the Discord homepage – Voice and Video – Reset Voice Settings – click OK – now you need to reconnect your microphone to try sending an audio message Discord to test your microphone.


For practically the most part, Discord works flawlessly. The improvement group behind Discord is often fast in fixing reported bugs. Unfortunately, there isn’t a “works-for-all” fix that will make your Discord app magically pick up your microphone once more. If you have no concept why the Discord mic is not working, you can check out our guides to fix the problem.