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How to fix the Inaccessible Boot Device error on Windows? Here are the most common solutions that will help!

The ‘Inaccessible Boot Device’ error is a widespread situation of BSOD for all operating systems of Windows, as it’s continually showing up randomly and causing the PC or notebook to either be unable to boot up or not boot at all. 

The way to resolve this issue is to make sure that your PC’s hardware is working correctly and then fix any potential software issues causing this ‘Inaccessible Boot Device’ error.

The first & best method of fixing this is to identify why your computer takes a long time to boot and then repair all the system issues.

The most typical troubles

  • System update failed
  • The system has reverted to the initial state
  • Hardware conflicts
  • Damaged device drivers
  • Damaged critical system/registry files
  • Registry corruption
  • Viruses

Time to Fix ‘Inaccessible Boot Device’ error

Let’s look at all possible solutions to the trouble:

Decision 1

Before you go for any solution, make sure that BIOS has not been modified. Based on your BIOS configuration, the boot devices must be appropriately identified. In an inaccessible boot device after the BIOS update, and BIOS itself must not have been modified.

Decision 2

It would help if you disconnected all new devices from the PC. It would be best if you also uninstalled new programs along with all updates and drivers. The software can additionally be the root cause of a system crash. It would be the best if you restarted your PC several times. If a successful boot occurs, you can remove the lately set up drivers with programs. 

Please run the Windows Diagnostic Tool to look for the listed devices. If you are getting the error message “Cannot open device drivers,” some required device drivers are missing or are corrupted. Many of the drivers are updated automatically by Windows, but sometimes, they are not. Please download the latest updates from the Microsoft website. Installing new Windows may also fix this problem.

Decision 3

The ‘Inaccessible Boot Device’ error may occur after installing a new hard disk, CPU, and other devices, so you need to shut down your PC by unplugging it. The Hard drive or SSD removed? Put them back. However, the other common reason for this is your hard disk is already full, and you need to format it.

Decision 4

Viruses Scan. It is not a secret that Malware also attacks BSoDs. It is essential to scan the PC regularly to delete all of them. The full anti-malware solution from a lot of checking programs will detect and delete all malware items.

Decision 5

Won’t your computer system boot whatsoever? The system requires it to be restored. If the user unsuccessfully tried to boot Windows three times in a row, the system would boot into System Restore mode. Offering the following options when the recovery console starts:

  • Boot the system in Safe Mode. Select Troubleshooting – Advanced Options – Boot Options – Restart. If the system boots successfully, you can remove the programs/drivers that caused the “‘Inaccessible Boot Device ” error.
  • Restore the system from the image. Choose Troubleshooting – Advanced Options – System Image Recovery – specify where the image is located. Restoring the system from an image will convert it to the state it was in when the image was created.
  • Restore the system from a restore point. Choose Troubleshooting – Advanced Options – System Restore – follow the instructions. Do you have restore points enabled on your computer? Then there is an option to go back to the end before installing recently added programs/drivers/updates.
  • Go back to the previous Windows version. Choose Troubleshooting – Advanced options – Go back to the previous Windows version – confirm the operation. If this exact error occurs after updating Windows, it will be resolved.
  • Restore from the boot. Choose Troubleshooting – Advanced Options – Restore from the boot. The system will restore the errors of the disk’s boot area.

More PC boot options

Can’t boot the system restore console? Create a recovery disk on any Windows computer. Take into account the bit-size of your system (32 or 64 bit systems).

To create a disk, right-click on Start – left-click on Control Panel – System Restore – Create recovery disk – then follow the instructions. Use booting from a recovery disk through BIOS.


The ‘Inaccessible Boot Device’ error causes many problems, but some Windows users handle the situation and say that the solution is not complicated. Above are listed a few methods that can be useful when you need to fix these Windows errors. There is no doubt that you will find precisely the solutions that will work for you among them.