Function Keys Not Working fixing: Guides 2021

How to fix Function Keys Not Working on Windows? Here are four proven methods to solve the problem

Have your computer’s function keys (Fn) on your keyboard stopped working? No need to worry, because this problem can be quickly solved thanks to our proven methods.  

We’ve put together four effective methods that you can try one at a time until one of them works.

Method 1: Check the function keys; they might be locked.

It happens that the function keys are locked when the F lock key is pressed. As a result, the user cannot use the function keys. You should check the keyboard to see if there is an F Lock/F Mode key. Once this key is found, press it and check if the Fn key works.

Try the following method if this method did not help you.

Method 2: Press F11 or F12

You can make the function keys work by pressing the F11 or F12 key.

Try the following method if this method didn’t work for you.

Method 3: Unlock the keyboard

Some PCs have an Escape key that doubles as a function lock key, so try pressing the FN and ESC keys simultaneously.

Try the following method if this method didn’t work for you.

Method 4: Updating the driver

When the keyboard driver on your PC is outdated or simply incompatible, the function keys stop functioning. The problem is easily solved by updating your keyboard driver.

An easy way to update device drivers manually is with Windows Update. Search for it on your computer, run the application, and update all the drivers that need it to the latest versions.


We hope that our methods could help you and you solved the Function Keys Not Working problem.