How to Cast from Chrome

Do you know that you can install a Google Chromecast extension and cast your browser to TV? By the way, it takes a few minutes to do this. In this review, we’ll uncover the truth and show how to tackle that challenge in a few clicks. Well, how to Chromecast from laptop? How to use Chromecast extension for Chrome? Follow our detailed directions and you’ll do it yourself!

In very deed, you can easily do this with the help of an HDMI cable, but in this case, the computer’s placement is contingent on the length of this cable. We live in the 21st century and there are more powerful options allowing you to achieve that goal!

Google Chromecast is a superb tool that enables users to mirror absolutely any browser tab wirelessly. Just a few clicks are needed! Today, this option is built into Google Chrome. Simply put, all the users of Google Chrome can benefit from this feature.

Effective Tips on How to Cast from Chrome

Following these directions, you’ll easily do the same on your device:

  • Download and install a Chromecast. However, you can do that only if you have the Google Home app. So double-check whether you have it on your device.
  • Now, you can go casting. To enjoy this functionality, you should open Chrome’s menu and pick the option “Cast”.
  • When you open this dialog, you’ll see this option “Enable casting to cloud-based services like Google Hangouts”. Its key mission is to let you cast the tabs of your browser to Google Hangouts or similar services. If you enable it, you can pick the “Cast” option in Google Chrome and you’ll see Google Hangouts call on any Chromecast device. You should let it cast to another person in the video call.
  • Choose “Ok, Got it” and the following window will appear on the screen of your device.
  • If you wish to choose what you want to share, you need to click the option “Cast to”.

That’s all!

Tips on Casting Your Desktop

If you are greatly concerned over the question on how to Chromecast from laptop, these directions might come in handy.

  • You need to choose the option ‘Cast Desktop”
  • Choose Chromecast in the drop-down menu. If your overriding purpose is cast the whole desktop, you’ll be offered to choose what section of your screen you want to share. Moreover, the software might also ask whether you want to cast audio.
  • During the procedure, you’ll see the following message “Chrome Media Router is sharing your screen”. When you decide to stop the process, you should press the button “Stop Sharing”. If this window irritates you, just press the button “Hide”.

Some users are still thinking that it’s impossible to do this without a Google Chrome extension. You should keep in mind that you can still download it, but it is not a plaster for all sores. You’ll get a one-click toolbar icon, which you should access in order to activate the “Cast” option in your browser. Simply put, it is not as effective as it seems to be at a glance. However, a few years ago, this extension was the only solution allowing users to use the benefits of Chromecast screen mirroring.

Following our guidelines, you won’t face any difficulties related to this task.