How to Change Chrome Theme

Sooner or later, a standard theme of Google Chrome seems to be fairly plain and you want to change it. However, far from every user knows how to change Google background. In fact, you can easily modify the look of your favorite browser. Let’s move on to discussing the main tips on how to exchange Google backgrounds in a few clicks. So get comfortable and have a look!

Tips on Finding the Appropriate Chrome Themes in Settings

This tutorial will show how to change your Google background with ease.

Open your appearance settings

  • To do this, you need to open your browser and its drop-down menu (look in the upper right corner and you’ll see three dots).
  • Find the option “Settings” and click on it. Mind that it is usually divided into different sections, but you need to pick ”Appearance”.

This menu allows you to control and change the look of your browser. Now, you need to choose “Themes”. When you change a theme, your Google background will also automatically be changed. If you do this for the first time and don’t have a theme, you need to click “Open Chrome Web Store”.

Choose the theme you like most of all

After you open the section, the browser will automatically take you to the Chrome Themes section. Its main mission is to provide users with a variety of themes to any taste. All of them are divided by their type.

Mind that the first image you see will be set as your Google background. The choice of themes is huge; you just need to spend a few minutes to choose the one you like most of all.

When you finally come across the best one, you need to check the preview images and make sure that it meets your demands. You should keep in mind that some themes can extend their patterns throughout the window and the general look will be different.

When you finally pick the theme, find the Add to Chrome button and click on it.

Adding a theme to Chrome

The choice of Google Chrome themes is wide; when you select the most appropriate one, it should be automatically enabled. You’ll see a notification on the screen, informing you that the theme is changed. The notification usually comes with the Undo button for those who want to get things back.

How to Customize Background with Your Personal Image?

If you don’t like web store themes and want to use a custom image (your family photos), you can also do this. However, in this case, you need to download an extra extension. Please, follow this guide:

  • Find and download one of the Background image extensions.
  • Add it to a browser.
  • Pick a picture you want to use as a background.
  • Install it as a background.

As you see, to personalize your browser on your laptop is as easy as a pie!