How to Clear Cookies on Chrome

When you browse the web, you probably see the notifications that this or that site uses cookies and there is no recourse but to accept this policy. The main goal of cookies is to save your personal data and monitor the items in your shopping cart. The data includes your login credentials or preferences. As a result, websites can remember when you visited them and what preferences you have.

Due to the information they hold, cookies can be a reason of privacy risk. As they can record personal information, they can easily help auto-fill some forms on different browsers. Therefore, if it is not your personal device and you don’t want the information about your name or address to be saved in a browser, you need to know how to clear cookies on Chrome. In this review, you’ll find a step-by-step direction on how to delete cookies in Chrome.

Easy Tips on Clearing Cookies on Chrome

Keep in mind that these guidelines work on both Windows and Mac-based devices. 

  • Launch your Google Chrome.
  • Now, you need to open a Settings Menu. You can find it in the top right corner of your browser (three, grey vertical dots).
  • Look through the menu and pick the option “Advanced”.
  • When you open this menu, you need to choose “Clear browsing settings”.

That’s all! You have just cleared all the cookies. However, you can also decide what type of cookies have to be deleted. Under the section “All cookies and site data”, you can make your choice. To complete the deletion process, you need to choose “Clear data”. If you want to speed up your computer, you can also clear cache.

How to Clear Cookies in Chrome on your Android-Based Device?

If you use Android, you can clear cookies using these directions:

  • Launch Chrome on your device.
  • Find the address bar.
  • To the right of this section, you’ll find the option “More” (three dots). You need to tap on it. In doing so, you’ll open the option “Settings”.
  • Find the “Privacy” category. Tap on it and choose “Clear browsing data”.
  • Now, you need to decide what type of cookies have to be removed.
  • When you finally make a choice, just tap on “Clear data”.

Guidelines on How to Remove Cookies from Chrome on Your iOS-based Device

  • If you use an iPhone, you can erase cookies in Chrome following these guidelines:
  • Open your browser.
  • Find and open the “Settings menu”.
  • Find the option “Privacy”.
  • Now, open “Clear browsing data”.
  • In this section, you need to make your selections and decide what type of cookies you want to remove and press “Done”

Now, you can easily do it yourself on your device!