How to Clear History on Chrome

Just imagine the situation, you share one computer with your colleague, but you work in the morning and your partner works in the evening. Understandably, you don’t want him or her to check your browsing history. All in all, the reasons to delete browsing history can be absolutely different. Almost every person does it for the sake of privacy.

It goes without saying that every browser keeps the information about the websites you visited before. You should keep in mind that it is a very good habit to remove history from Chrome or any other device. Well, how can you do that? How to clear history on Chrome? Check out the below-written guidelines:

  • Launch Google Chrome.
  • Open the browser menu, which is located in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Now, you need to scroll down the list and choose Settings.
  • In the menu, which you see on your screen you should choose “Show Advanced Settings”.
  • You’ll see a new option “Clear browsing settings”.
  • Now, you need to be more attentive. Your goal is to choose what kind of content you want to delete. If you wish to clear only some content, you need to click on “the beginning time”. Moreover, you should also tick the boxes “Browsing history”, “Download History”.
  • Now you just need to click on “Clear Browsing History”.

That is all! No one can see what type of websites you’ve visited. To clear search history on Chrome is as easy as a pie. Don’t forget to do this from time to time when you work on someone’s device.