How to create a bootable USB flash drive with Rufus

Rufus is a small and super easy to use a tool developed specifically for creating bootable flash drives. It is one of the best programs for this job available for free so that you may have probably heard about it. Not everyone knows that Rufus is actually an abbreviation for Reliable USB Formatting Utility with Source. As its full name says, you can also format your USB flash drives and memory sticks with this utility as well. Rufus has a clean and simple interface with standard and professional options, so if you are a beginner – no worries.

Create a bootable media with ease

The interface in Rufus is made to look like a standard built-in format panel you saw in Windows countless times. In this small panel, you can select things like cluster size, new volume labels, choose a file system type (exFAT, NTFS, FAT32, etc.), target system type, and partition scheme.

Creating an extendable label, icon files, and quick format mode also is very simple and requires just a few clicks. As for the formatting of your USB flash drive, you can select one of the available basic options for this procedure (your media must be formatted before you can make it a bootable device). Remember that formatting will wipe all information on your flash drive. Rufus also offers different algorithms – type 1/2/3/4. To create a bootable media, you will also need an ISO image for Rufus to work with. All activities and actions during the operation will be logged and saved into a file.

Rufus is a great choice when:

  • You need an installation media with an operating system on it (Linux, Windows + UEFI).
  • Want a simple and reliable solution with minimal system requirements.
  • Don’t have much time to get into details.

What’s new in the latest Rufus versions?

  • Enabled 32-bit support for UEFI: NTFS boot.
  • Improved Advanced mode stand-alone UEFI: now NTFS with boot installation is available.
  • Fixed and corrected issues with Windows UEFI installation (GPT/NTFS).
  • Repair for 32-bit bootable flash drives (UEFI Windows 10).

Get Rufus for Windows

Rufus is probably the best tool for creating bootable media in our book. It is compact, it is swift, it is clean and simple but still has advanced options. But the best part – it can be downloaded for free right now from the official website.