How to Disable Avast

You might want to disable Avast Antivirus or pause some of its shields because you want to install other security software like ‘firewall’ or because Avast is blocking your favorite website or application. Avast may detect and prevent some programs or website pages due to a virus, even when you know for sure that it’s safe. This wrong detection is known as ‘False-positive Detection’. If such false-positive detection appears, you may want to exclude the detected software or website from the Avast scan.

Below are the steps to follow when Avast blocks one of your favorite programs or website, but you still want to run or visit it.

  • STEP1: Ensure the blocked file, website, or webpage is not corrupted or a threat by testing it.
  • STEP 2: Add it as an exception by going to your settings, click on General, select Exclusions immediately after clicking on the General. Add specific programs, website, or webpage which you want not to be blocked by Avast to the “file paths.”
  • STEP 3: Added applications and paths will now be excluded from any Avast scanning.

How to Turn Off Avast Completely (All Shields)

Disabling all Avast shields means completely turning off the full Avast Antivirus Active protection. It is advisable to be extremely sure you know what you’re doing before commencing with the operation.

STEP 1: Navigate to the windows taskbar and find the orange Avast icon. By default the orange taskbar is hidden in some window system, so click on the top arrow if you don’t see it. Once you find the icon right-click on it.

STEP 2:  Check for the option “avast shield control” and select one of the options there – (permanently).

STEP 3: Whichever option you choose, Avast will ask you for confirmation, which you have to confirm by selecting “yes.” Avast and all its shades should be disabled for whatever time or period you have chosen. Hence, it is permanently disabled, which means your system is no longer protected from virus or other threats.

STEP 4: To check or confirm is Avast is completely disabling, open its main window. It should be red and saying “all antivirus shields are off.” To enable Avast to click on the green button “resolve,” and it should turn green with a message “you’re protected.”

How to Temporarily Disable Avast (Specific Shields):

Avast also offers an option to temporarily turn off/ pause any specific shield besides turning off all shields.

STEP 1: Open the main Avast user interface and go to protection, click on the core shields (>> core shields).

Alternatively, you can go to your settings (in the bottom left side at the main Avast interface) click on components (>>components) or Active protection for an older version. There you will see all the Avast shields. (File system shields, Behaviour shields, mail shields, web shields) listed.

STEP 2: Find the shield(s) you want to disable and click on the switcher.

STEP 3: Once you have clicked on the shield(s) you want, you will see four options: Ten minutes, 1 hour, Until computer restart, or Permanently. Just select the period you want and click on it.

STEP 4: If the shield(s) has been successfully disabled, the switch will change to off, and the main window will be yellow with the message “file shield is now off.” To enable the shield(s) again, click on the green “turn on” button, and it will automatically turn green with the message “You are protected.”

How to Pause Avast on Windows 10:

In Windows 10, there is no automatic tool used in pausing Avast Antivirus, so you have to follow each step carefully. Solution on how to pause avast doesn’t mean that you need to uninstall the software; you have to stop the scanning procedure temporarily. Due to Avast’s advanced security features (abilities), sometimes you have to prevent it from installing any other application on your desktop. If you are using Avast malware, then you can use these steps to pause it temporarily.

  • STEP 1: Click on the small triangle at the right bottom below the corner of the taskbar.
  • STEP 2: Right-click the Avast Antivirus icon.
  • STEP 3: Go to the Avast shield control and specify the time or how long you want to pause Avast Antivirus.
  • STEP 4: After selecting your preferred option, confirm your operation by clicking yes.

How to Stop Avast From Deleting a File:

It is highly essential to enable Avast confirmation before blocking or deleting a suspicious file (real-time protection mode). Below are the steps to allow verification before removing any file from your system.

  • STEP 1: Double click or right-click the Avast tray icon and select “open avast user interface” or preferably, go to start menu.
  • STEP 2: On the left side of the main Avast screen, click or select “settings.”
  • STEP 3: At the left side of the Avast settings screen, select “Active protection.”
  • STEP 4: close to the on/off switch for each shield there’s a gear icon. Select one of those.
  • STEP 5: At the left side of the Avast (shield type) shield screen, select” Action.”
  • STEP 6:  In the Action screen, there are three tabs “Virus,” “PUP,” and “suspicious,” “ASK” Each of these has different options for primary actions. The choice you want in all these is “ASK” click on it.
  • STEP 7: Configure every other option you want to tweak and click “Ok” when you’re done.
  • STEP 8: Repeat steps for each shield.

To Carry out the Same Settings or Operation on a Manual Scan:

  • STEP 1: On the left side of the main Avast interface, select “Scan.”
  • STEP 2: Select the scan type you want to perform, then click on the “settings” hyperlink, which is below at the right of the scan settings screen, click “Action” on the left side.
  • STEP 3: Uncheck automatically applies actions during the scan( check this box to select a preferred action).
  • STEP 4: Select every other option you want to scan and click “Ok” When you are done.