How to Exit Full Screen Chrome

Sometimes after you have entered into full-screen mode on Google Chrome, to can be a bit tricky navigating how to get out of full screen Chrome because all Chrome controls, buttons and likewise the bookmark bar will disappear. Though it would have been a lot easier if the browser simply came with an exit full screen Chrome button, there are however some other pretty easy ways to exit full screen Chrome. Below I have provided a step by step guide to exit full screen Google Chrome for both Windows and MacOS users:

How to exit full screen on Google Chrome for Windows:

First; you can use your mouse to place your cursor at the top of the screen in the centre of the browser and then click the “Exit Full Screen” message that appears, to exit full Chrome. 

Second; you can also press the “F11” key when you are in full screen mode to toggle between full screen and regular mode. Sometimes you might need to press “F11” twice for exit full screen to be activated

Third; another way to exit full screen Chrome will be to click the spanner icon at the upper right hand corner of your browser window or simply right click, then click on “exit Full Screen” from the drop box to enable you exit full-screen mode.

How to exit full screen Chrome for MacOS

The easiest way to exit Chrome full screen on your Mac computer is by using the shortcut keys. Simply combine and press the keys “Shift” + “Command” + “F. This shortcut keys will enable you toggle in and out of full screen mode

Another method you could use to exit full screen Chrome is by placing your mouse icon in the top right hand corner of your computer screen and then click on the symbol with the two diagonal arrows to exit full screen Chrome.

In like manner, you can also place your mouse at the top of the screen and wait for the menu bar to appear. Click on the “View” menu button and then from the drop down menu box select “Exit Full Screen” to leave full screen mode.

MacOS X Lion (10.7) users have it even easier with the “Full Screen Apps” feature. Though it has always been a feature on Google Chrome browser, the MacOS X Lion now has it with the inclusion of the “full screen” button that easily enables you exit full screen Chrome on your Mac. 

One cool trick to easily remember is that the steps you take to engage full-screen mode can be used to exit full-screen mode Chrome. So basically if you use the browser mode or the dedicated shortcut keys to enter full screen Chrome mode you can repeat the same to get out of full screen Chrome. Note that you can also mix and match to exit full screen. So for instance, if the steps you took to get a full-screen mode view was by using the browser’s menu, you can get out of full-screen mode by simply pressing F11 and still get the result you wanted.

Finally, if you are having any trouble exiting full screen Chrome, ensure that you are using the latest version of Google Chrome on your Windows or Mac.