How to Fix the https Not Secure Message in Chrome

It is safe to say that secure browsing is of prime importance for any user. No one wants to deal with malware or scammers. However, if you use Google Chrome browser, you’ll see a Chrome security warning when you are visiting an insecure web page.

Well, why does this warning appear? Chrome says not secure only to notify you that the information sent or received can be potentially stolen or modified by hackers. This notification usually appears on the web pages that use the HTTP protocol, which can’t provide a secure connection.

A few years ago, websites started using HTTPS protocol, which always provides a secure connection. Now, it is used by a variety of websites, including Facebook, Amazon, and others. It means that your personal information is secure when you browse the web, log in to different websites or make purchases online.

Moreover, you should also keep in mind that when you see the alarm “Not Secure”, it doesn’t mean that this particular website is affected by viruses. Its main goal is to notify you that there’s no secure connection on this web page.

Well, what should you do if you see this warning? How to fix the HTTPS not secure message in Chrome?

How to Remove Not Secure in Chrome – What Should You Do?

Look through all the steps and follow them:

  • Open your browser.
  • In the address bar, you should type “Chrome://flags” and press Enter.
  • Now, you must type the word “Secure”. In doing so, you’ll find the necessary setting faster.
  • You’ll see a menu where you need to pick “Mark non-secure origins as non-secure” and disable it.
  • Find the “Relaunch Chrome” button.

Now, your browser won’t be sending alerts about non-secure web pages.

If you are a website owner, you’ll see this warning only in case a web page is served over HTTP (insecure protocol). To resolve this issue, you should enable the HTTPS protocol for your site.