How to Fix the Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen Issue – Proven Fixing Methods – The best tips

Skyrim Infinite Loading Screen Issue sometimes catches players off guard. Use one of these methods to solve the problem and play without issues as before.

Many users playing Skyrim encounter infinite loading screen. The problem is solved, so do not worry too much. To solve the problem, you need to try one of the methods that will surely help you. Try each method separately and play your favorite Skyrim again!

Method 1: Try changing your memory settings

The error associated with Skyrim infinite loading screen is often due to a trivial lack of memory in your PC. Set the SafetyLoad configuration file to run Safy Load when the screen loads.

By choosing the default setting, the memory will run simultaneously, causing infinite loading screen issues and crashes throughout your PC.

First, you need to install the Skyrim Script Extender, which can be found on the SKSE page in Steam.

Open file “Skyrim\data\SKSE\Plugins\SafetyLoad.ini” – change EnableOnlyLoading from false to true – save it – test Skyrim.

If this method doesn’t work, use the next.

Method 2: Update device drivers

To play well, make sure you have all the new drivers (CPU, GPU, and audio) installed on your computer. Often Skyrim doesn’t work because of an outdated/damaged driver. 

Several programs independently update, replace or add the necessary drivers for the game, for example, Driver Easy. When you run the program, it will find the appropriate drivers for the game.

If this method doesn’t work, use the next.

Method 3: Off the mods

If you have mods in Skyrim, you should know that mods can corrupt the game files and cause crashes. If the game crashes after installing a new mod, you should disable or delete them and restart the game first.

  1. Disable the most recently installed mods – start Skyrim. If the game does not start, the problem is not related to mods.
  2. Disable one of the mods to see if the problem returns. If not, then each mod should be checked until the error is detected.
  3. When a mod is not needed, disable or remove it. The problem here lies in the fact that after spending some time in the game and it began to fly out, disabling the mod will not start further. That is, you will need to create a new game in Skyrim.
  4. Leave the problem mod open and disable all other mods. When the problems recur, it is now clear that the mod is the only cause.

If this method doesn’t work, use the next.

Method 4: Trying to reinstall Skyrim completely

The last method to solve this problem is to reinstall Skyrim. First, download Skyrim, then uninstall the game (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steam apps\common\Skyrim) and delete all folders with the game ([Username]\Documents\My Games\Skyrim folder). Then restart your PC, reinstall the game and run it after installation.


Each of the above methods can fix the Skyrim infinite loading screen error. Try each of them in turn, and enjoy your game again!