How to Fix Youtube Videos Black Screen

If you see Youtube Videos Black Screen, check out the guide and fix the problem in few ways easily

Watching YouTube videos is one of the most common recreational methods for millions of users. However, the video player doesn’t always work correctly; nothing loads, and the YouTube video player just goes black. What to do?

It is a common problem for many YouTube users. Sometimes the pain goes away by itself, but more often, it persists. If the network connection is lacking, the whole video cannot be loaded, resulting in a black screen later on. The audio may work fine, but the video does not.

Here are a few methods that can help to Fix Youtube Videos Black Screen.

Method 1: Select the Other Apps to see a list of your installed apps and update your browser

Please select a video file format like MP3, MP4 and choose the Download button to download it. Copy and paste the URL of the video you want to upload and click Upload. In the Performance section, you need to uncheck the box. It is better to use hardware acceleration if available. Next, you need to go to the System section and move the Use hardware acceleration when available checkbox to No. Now just restart your browser, such as Google Chrome.

You can also try changing these settings through your Internet settings. When a problem occurs when watching streaming video in IE or Edge, use the above solution to resolve all browsers. If you are having problems, you need to disable those extensions that you feel may be causing the malfunction. 

Clearing browsing data doesn’t help? Then check if browser extensions are causing the problem. The first thing to do is update the wings and the browser plugins and check if YouTube is working correctly. Now restart the browser after the task manager finishes the apps. Next, check to see if you can easily watch streaming videos.

If this method does not help you, use the following tips.

Method 2: Recover lost data, and then fix the Windows booting to a black screen

YouTube black screen error can occur at any time, and the cause can be any malfunction. Don’t be alarmed if YouTube black screen problems appear. Custom filter lists that the user uses with adblocker plugins and extensions often cause YouTube problems. When you use a custom filter list, disable or remove it because it will allow you to watch YouTube without disabling the adblocker. 

Is the ad blocker working correctly? Then it prevents ads from loading while the rest of the page loads. If the ad blocker is not working correctly, it allows ads to load/block elements of the page, such as text and video.

If this method does not help you, use the following tips.

Method 3: Check your browsers

In line with your reports, you learn how to turn off the hardware acceleration feature in Google Chrome. This kind of problem has been reported by the users of the newest versions of Chrome. People get to view a black screen when they attempt loading a video on the YouTube page.

If you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you can get many distributed YouTube video downloaders added to your browser. After you download the video, you need to save it to your PC. If you prefer, you can also close the browser and start it up again after a while. Additionally, it is better to restart the system to get a different solution to the problem. You can also try uninstalling the browser from your computer and installing it again to reset the settings.

Very often, such a simple fix can solve the YouTube black screen problem. It would help if you went to the refresh icon on the toolbar and reload the page (you can press the F5 key). This will load the YouTube video again and try to fix the black screen YouTube video problem. 

When the problem is caused by your internet service provider or a YouTube problem, there is no way to fix this kind of issue. Many such playback issues can be resolved, but the exact cause of the black screen is hard to pinpoint. If the problem persists, try closing and reopening the web browser.

You can easily install them in a single click and then try to access YouTube to see if now you can play videos usually. You can install a new browser and open YouTube to see if you can play the videos well now. Last but not least, if all the above fixes failed, then you can change your browser and see if the YouTube black screen error gets resolved or not. 

Alternatively, you can also try to log in with another Google account to see if that can help solve the YouTube video playing issue. YouTube is generally accessible with our Google account. If you are experiencing a YouTube video black screen, you can sign out of the Google account and sign in again to fix the issue.

If this method does not help you, use the following tips.

Method 4: Poor network access 

You can check Internet usage and see how the Internet connection is working correctly. Poor network access is a prevalent cause of experiencing a black display on YouTube. There are some simple ways to improve the connection. Sometimes, a person might not be able to watch a video on YouTube. At times, the screen goes black with the audio still running.


You have to make sure that either this issue is happening with all the videos on YouTube or some specific videos that show this kind of behavior. If this is happening to all the videos, you need to check your Windows version and update it if necessary. Using the following troubleshooting steps, you should be able to get a video on YouTube.