How to Hide Bookmarks on Chrome

If you are a Google Chrome user, this article will come in useful. After reading it, you’ll easily repeat all the steps yourself and won’t face any issues related to the Chrome hide bookmarks bar.

Let’s start with the basics, what a bookmark is? It is a uniform resource identifier that is usually stored by a browser for your convenience. Simply put, bookmarks are your favorites on the web. Today, all web browsers have bookmark features. If you use this browser on an ongoing basis, you probably have a variety of saved bookmarks. But what if you want to hind this information from your friends or colleagues? How to hide bookmarks on Chrome? There are a few ways that allow you to do this.

How to Hide Bookmarks Bar on Chrome Using Disable Bar Option?

To use this method, you need to have the latest version of Google Chrome:

  • Open your browser and click on three vertical dots at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Look through all the options and choose “Appearance”
  • Now, you need to turn off the “Show bookmarks bar” (the switch must become white).

That’s all! Bookmarks bar have been removed.

How to Remove Bookmarks Bar from Chrome Using Keyboard Shortcuts?

This method is probably the fastest one.

  • Open your browser.
  • Windows users need to use the following shortcut keys Ctrl+Shift+B. If you are a Mac user, you need to press Command+Shift+B.

Press the keys simultaneously and the bookmarks will be hidden.

Set New Startup Page

This is another effective method that you can use:

  • Open Chrome.
  • Now, you need to go to “chrome://settings”.
  • Open “On startup” section.
  • Choose “Open Specific Page or set of pages”.
  • When you do this, choose “Add new page”, find “about:blank” and add it as your startup page.

When you open Google Chrome, you’ll always see an empty page. All the bookmarks will be hidden.

It is safe to say that Chrome Bookmarks are a superb tool, allowing you to keep your favorite websites at hand. But if you want to hide this information or add more screen space, you can use one of the above-mentioned tools to achieve that goal.