How to Mute Tabs in Chrome

The thing with Chrome and its continued market share growth is that it has continued to add more useful functionalities and advanced settings, for users to play with as the use the browser. Some of these new features are sometimes tested before they are deployed into a more stable browser version. The current version in use allows users the opportunity of a great way to take control of tabs making unnecessary noise. Chrome in itself, already has a speaker icon on any tab where audio is being played which makes it really great for identifying sounds that you do not want to hear especially when you have a lot of tabs open at once. The question is how do you and what do you benefit when you enable the mute tab in Chrome.

Muting Tabs

Muting tabs or the tab muter feature is essentially a browser extension that can be found within the Google Chrome browser which works to restore the ability to mute tabs within any browser. Google has gone ahead to already remove options for muting individual tabs within Chrome in its most recent versions. However, the browser does still offer the option and controls that can help mute audio playback within Chrome, going ahead to mute audio in any tab essentially and automatically mutes it for the entire site. Basically, this action may not even be much of an issue for most of the users of the Chrome browser, due to the fact that it is a rarity that multiple open pages on a site that are opened are all playing audio.

The question remains, can you mute a tab in Chrome? Indeed, there are circumstances that this may be useful for users. This could be in situations where a user is playing multiple games across different tabs all at one time, going ahead to watch videos but does need audio to be on in one of them or even may just require that a video buffers in one tab while watching another video in another tab. Essentially, browsers such as Firefox provide requisite support, so users can mute individual tabs.

Going ahead to mute tabs

Realistically, you may go ahead to mute any site in Chrome when you click on the icon in front of its address within the user interface. To do this, you will have to select the site settings option from the context menu and then locate the sound permission on the opened page. You can then set this to mute in order to block that site from automatically playing any audio.

The Tab Muter option

There is also the browser extensions within Google Chrome called Tab Muter which basically works in reintroducing the tab muting capabilities within the browser. This extension works in such a way that it adds its own icon within Chrome’s main toolbar if and when you choose to install it. You can proceed to activate the extension icon to be able to toggle the audio function of the site within the active tab.

With a single click, you are able to mute the audio while another click goes ahead to unmute the tab. If you run a quick test using YouTube, you will be sure that this extension does work and is fit for intended purpose. Furthermore, this functionality does also work for other sites too and basically to show that this extension does work when one loads another website within the tab which attempts to go on and play any audio. Such audio content can be muted by the Tab Muter extension within the tab irrespective of the site. The Tab Muter extension is basically well designed to restore tab muting functionality within the Chrome browser and anyone who uses the functionality may actually go ahead and install this extension so as to restore it. 

Closing tabs as a muting option

One of the easiest ways on how to mute tabs in Chrome would be to just go ahead and close the actual tab where the audio is emanating from. The other option would be as described without having to close the tab. Essentially tweaking the Tab Muter function through the Chrome browser settings will restart Chrome and ensure Tab Mute functionality is up and working. This will enable you to click and mute or otherwise as you wish to. Simple, isn’t it? 

And…yet another option

Another way to ensure tabs are muted in Chrome would be to follow the steps as outlined below;

  • Proceed to type chrome://flags in the address bar, and then go ahead to search for tab audio.
  • You have to then proceed to enable the Tab Audio Muting control option.
  • Restarting Chrome would offer you the opportunity to be able to mute tabs simply by clicking on the speaker icon on the tab.

The basic difference between muting a tab and muting a website may not be quite simply obvious. Essentially when you mute a website you only go ahead to kind of limit yourself. You will not be able to hear any more notification sounds from that particular website as you have gone ahead to mute. However, if you go ahead to mute only one tab, you will still be able to receive notifications from that website as long as it remains open within another tab on the same computer. This option is not limiting and as such makes sense for you to ensure this option is enabled on your Chrome browser.

Finally, while it is safe to say that Google will keep working to enhance the features of the Chrome browser, the muting option for now, is a great feature that works to cancel out unwanted noise from a tab and not necessarily shutting down a website or tab,