How to Sign out of Chrome

We all have Gmail and Google accounts today. But now, users know that when they log in into their Gmail, they automatically log into Chrome. Well, how to sign out of Chrome? What should you do to protect your personal information? Let’s analyze this question in details!

The Main Reasons Why You Should Sign Out of Chrome

Some users neglect this issue and don’t even know whether they are signed in to Chrome or not. However, you should monitor this question. Chrome stores the browsing history and your private information such as passwords, a number of credit/debit cards, etc. Therefore, when this device is not yours, you should always log out of Chrome.

If your friend asks you to borrow your laptop, you simply need to log out of your browsers. Otherwise, he or she can find your browsing history. If this information is personal, it is better to conceal it from others.

So if you are bothered by the questions related to privacy, you have to sign out of chrome on all devices. How can you do that? Follow these directions!

How to Sign Out of Google Chrome on a Desktop?

If you want to sign out of Chrome browser on your laptop, you should go to Google profile. You can find it in the top right corner of the screen.

Find your profile photo, click on it and after that, you’ll see a menu flyout. Now, you just need to click “Sign Out”. That’s all!

How to Sign out of Chrome on Your Smartphone?

If you want to do the same on your mobile device, just follow these directions:

  • Launch Chrome.
  • Find the “More Menu” (three dots that are usually located at the top right corner of the webpage).
  • Press on “Settings”.
  • In the “Setting page”, you need to find and click on your profile image.
  • Press on “Sign Out”.

Now, you can rest assured – no one can reach your personal information!

How to Switch off Chrome Sign-in?

When you want to use this or that Google application, you need to sign in to it. However, you will also be automatically signed in to Chrome. Not every user is concerned about this question. If you wish to avoid this, you can change the settings on your computer. To do this, use the below-listed guide:

  • Launch Google Chrome.
  • Find the menu at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Go to More menu – Settings.
  • Find the option “Advanced” and click on it and you’ll see the following menu:
  • Find the option “Privacy and Security”
  • Now, you must switch off the option “Allow Chrome Sign-in”.

Ta da! No one will reach your personal information anymore!