How to Speed Up uTorrent – a Comprehensive Guide for Users

You will hardly find a better tool to download big files than uTorrent. However, no one is proof against sudden glitches. If your laptop runs too slowly, the speed of your downloads will slow down too. Furthermore, it is understandable that torrents handle too big files that take more time to download. Let’s admit it, you get frustrated when your torrents are taking longer to download. So, how to increase download speed? What measures can you take to speed up your downloads? Let’s have a look at the best uTorrent settings in greater details.

Allocate Bandwidth

The first thing you should do is to control the Set Download Limit. This option should be on “Unlimited”. Besides, you can also set the allocation at High. Just right click on the file, which you want to download and choose Bandwidth Allocation – High.

Check Broadband Speed

Before you actually start downloading, you should make sure whether the day-to-day speed is enough for downloading files. The fastest way to do this is to use this website – The key mission of this service is to measure the speed of the internet connection. The service will ascertain the rapidity in a matter of seconds. When you do this, you’ll finally know whether the internet connection is running at the appropriate speed.

Check the Number of People Seeding the Same File

First, let’s cover the basics. What is seeding? You should keep in mind that torrents work in the following way: it shares a whole load of downloads among different servers. The majority of these servers are ordinary users of laptops and personal computers. This process is called seeding. The more people share one and the same file, the faster you can download it. If you see that you can’t download the file, the first thing you should do is to check how many people are trying to seed it. If one file has less than five seeders, it is much better to wait a bit.

Switch uTorrent to a Wired Connection

It’s another solution, which can help you find the answer to the question of how to speed up uTorrent. Mostly all families have WiFi routers. However, if you plan to download a big file, it is much better to use an Ethernet cable than the WiFi connection. In doing so, you’ll eliminate the interference, which might be caused by other devices. Simply put, you can be sure that nothing decreases the download speed.

You Download a Few Files Simultaneously

This is one of the most popular reasons why the download process is too slow. When a few users try to make several downloads simultaneously, in all likelihood, the general speed will be lower. In this case, you have to pause other downloads.

Check whether You Have the Latest uTorrent Version

Some users neglect this issue considering that the software updates automatically. But if you see that it runs too slowly, check it for updates. To do this, you need to click the “Help” menu and then choose “Check for Updates”.

Check the Download Speed

This is a very popular problem. To solve it, you should click on the download and have a look at the “Maximum Download Speed Field”. If there are numbers, you should change them to 0.0, which means unlimited speed. Now the download speed should be faster.

So, you got the key guidelines that can decrease the time you spend on downloads.