How to Sync iPhone to iTunes

The main mission of iTunes is to sync your iOS-based device and back up your files to your laptop or computer. Today, there are many ways to do this, but iTunes is still considered the best and the easiest route to transfer files. Moreover, it is absolutely free. If you use alternative syncing software, you’ll probably be asked to pay for a subscription.

Well, how to sync iPhone to iTunes? What should you do to sync iPhone to iTunes? Check out these guidelines and do the same on your device.

How to Connect iPhone to iTunes?

The first thing you need to do is to connect your mobile device to iTunes and your laptop. You can do that with the help of daily wireless sync or the USB cable. To start syncing iPhone with a computer, you need to do the following:

  • When you connect your phone to your computer, iTunes will open. If you do this for the first time, you need to select “Set Up As New iPhone”.
  • On the screen, you need to click “Get Started”. As a result, you’ll see the iPhone Summary window.
  • You need to look through the pop-up device menu and choose your iPhone. If you see that iTunes doesn’t recognize your phone, you need to check the connection of the USB cable.
  • You’ll see the Backup sections. Learn what the program offers to do and choose one of the options. Choose iCloud if you want to use it as your backup destination. Choose “This Computer”, if you want to save data on your device.
  • Now, you need to decide what type of content should be synced.
  • Click on the checkbox next to every item that you want to sync.
  • Press on the button “Apply”.

That’s all! You’ve just saved your data on your computer.

How to Sync iPhone to iTunes over Wi-Fi?

You can also use Wi-Fi to sync your iPhone and iTunes. Just follow these directions:

  • The first step is to connect your iOS-based device to your laptop with the help of USB cable.
  • In iTunes, you need to choose and click on the iPhone icon. Now, you need to look at the sidebar and find “Summary”.
  • Scroll down the list of the options and choose “Sync with this iPhone over WiFi”.
  • Now, press on the button “Apply”.

You should keep in mind, there’s no need to sync absolutely everything. You can be very selective and sync only music, videos, photos, contacts or device backups.