How to Update Chrome

Do you know that Google Chrome is the first browser which can update itself automatically? It was a breakthrough in the area of internet browsers. Before this option was added, users needed to update their browsers manually. In most cases, Chrome check for updates automatically but what if your browser can’t update automatically? How to update Google Chrome? In this review, we’ll share a few tips that can help you update your browser. Moreover, when your browser is updated, you can rest assured that you’ll have safe web experience.

The Main Reasons Why Google Chrome Can’t Update Itself

If you feel like your browser is out of date, the reasons can be the following:

  • If it is your business computer, your boss may block Chrome or any other browser from updating.
  • The firewall of your computer prevents your browser from checking for recent updates.
  • You set your browser to avoid auto-updating.

Your goal is to fix all these issues and the situation will change for the better.

Effective Tips on How to Update Chrome Browser?

The first thing you need to do is to launch your browser and find its “About Chrome” section. Usually, it is enough for a browser to start the updating procedure.

After you open this section, you’ll see this window:

Your browser notifies you that right now it is checking for the latest updates. If there are any, your browser will start downloading them automatically. Now, your goal is to press the button “Relaunch”.

After this, the latest version of your browser will be downloaded. You’ll see a notification that Google Chrome is up to date now and you can enjoy its new features.

However, there’s one thing you should keep in mind before you start updating Chrome. Check whether you save everything, you were working on. The browser doesn’t save the data after it relaunches.