How to Zoom In on Chrome

There are a variety of ways Chrome makes using the web much easier. Google Chrome comes with a ton of features to provide you with the ultimate browsing experience and one of such features is the Chrome zoom out and in tool. Looking at your screen for a period of time can be a daunting task sometime and you find yourself squinting to look up small texts or it could be that sometimes the texts are just too large and you will need to zoom in Chrome to fit into a page so you don’t need to do so much scrolling. To adjust these settings on Chrome is really easy and I’ll be showing you how to zoom in Google Chrome and out of in a bit.

With this zoom feature, you can easily adjust the size of everything on a single web page or all web pages visited, from texts, images to videos. To get the view you want, there are three basic options on how to adjust your computer screen so that you have the view that you want, by increasing the resolution, decreasing the resolution, or by zooming and activating full screen in your Chrome window. Now, I will be explaining how to enable these options below:

How to zoom in on Chrome using Chrome settings 

To zoom in chrome when you are on a current page:

Use the zoom options in the Chrome menu to increase or decrease everything on a webpage.

  • Go to your Chrome browser;
  • Click on the Chrome menu from the browser toolbar;
  • Search for  the “Zoom” section in the menu bar and then select either of the following options:
  1. -Click on the + sign to zoom in web page size.
  2. -Click on the – sign to zoom out the web page size

To set page zoom for all web pages:

  • Go to your Chrome browser;
  • Click on the Chrome menu  from the browser toolbar;
  • Go to settings and click on it;
  • Next, click  on the Show advanced settings button;
  • Search for the “Web Content” section and then use the “Page zoom” drop-down menu to adjust the zoom. A notification pops out at the bottom left hand corner of the page informing you about the zoom percentage when you zoom-in or zoom-out.

For a screen size that is too small or large when using Google Chrome, you can change the browser resolution by simply;

  • Going to your Chrome browser;
  • At the top right hand corner of your computer screen you will see three 3 vertical dots, click on it;
  • Click on the + or – to increase or decrease screen size.

How to zoom in and out Chrome using shortcuts

There are also shortcut keys you can use to enable zooming functions on your computer. The default keyboard shortcuts are as follows for Windows PC:

  • Zoom in web page in chrome browser to increase the size by pressing these combined keys: Ctrl and +
  • Zoom out the web page in Chrome browser to reduce the size by pressing these combined keys: Ctrl and –
  • Reset Chrome browser zoom tool by pressing these combined keys: Ctrl and 0

While for a MacOS the following shortcut keys apply;

  • To increase the Web page size in the browser, simply press the combined keys:  Command and +
  • To decrease the Web page size in the browser, simply press the combined keys: Command and –
  • To return to the default setting, simply press the combined keys: Command and 0

You can change any of these default keys to a customized by clicking on the extension icon (magnifying lens) in the toolbar. When you customize your zoom settings they are saved on a per domain basis, so you don’t need to keep zooming-in each time you visit the same web page or when you have need to open multiple pages of the same site in different tabs.

How to zoom in and out of Chrome using a Mouse Wheel

For any chrome user that is navigating their computer screen with the use of a mouse here is another way on how to zoom out in Chrome. Using the mouse scroll wheel to adjust the page zoom, you will need to scroll the mouse wheel downwards at the same time holding down the “Ctrl” key on your keyboard to zoom out. To zoom in, just simply apply the reverse; scroll the mouse wheel upwards while holding down the Ctrl key.

How to zoom in and out of Chrome using the Full-Screen feature

Lastly, another easy way on how to zoom out on Google Chrome is by using the full screen feature that enables you to hide the browser address bar, destination bar and computer desktop so you can get a full screen view and focus on the web page you are working on.

For Windows:

If using a desktop computer, to get a full-screen view on chrome simply:

  • Lunch Google chrome and;
  • Navigate to the tab you want to view in full-screen mode;
  • Press F11 on your computer’s keyboard.

If you’re using a laptop it might be slightly different as simply using the F11 key might not suffice. So you will have to;

  • Launch Google Chrome on your computer;
  • Navigate to the tab you want to view in full-screen mode;
  • Press the combined keys; F+ N+ F11 on your computer’s keyboard.

For macOS:

Using a macOS, you can view chrome full screen by either pressing a specific key combination on your keyboard or via a dedicated UI button that comes with Chrome for macOS. To enable full-screen mode using the keyboard shortcut, simply:

  • Launch Google Chrome;
  • Navigate to the tab you want to view in full-screen mode
  • Press the combined keys; Control + Command + F on your computer’s keyboard.

And to zoom out to exit full screen chrome all you will need to do is carry out the same steps you did to engage full-screen mode again and you will exit full-screen mode chrome. So basically you repeat either of the steps above to get out of the full screen.