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How to fix ‘Intel Optane Memory Pinning Error’ on Windows PC or notebook? Check all solution that will help

The Intel Optane Memory can help you save a lot of time when you store your data. The memory is designed to work in such a way as to help you access data on a PC or notebook quickly and easily. 

However, people reported that after they upgrade to the latest Windows version, the error sometimes comes up. For those who have Windows installed, this error can also happen after you uninstall it.

About the Intel Optane Memory Pinning error

Intel Optane Memory technology intelligently tracks the apps, documents, video, and audio files. The technology remembers them all for fast response times. The user re-launches the computer/laptop, and IOM launches all frequently used programs faster.

The problem is that after the computer is installed with a new memory, some corrupted files or other errors arrived that make your memory device malfunction. Invalid class keys basically cause this problem. It is caused by poorly installed hardware, which triggers even more questions. When this happens, the processor becomes unstable, and the computer performance gets significantly lower.

Why does the error appear?

After upgrading to Windows 10 and later versions of the operating system, users often see the error “Intel Optane(tm) Memory Pinning Unable to load DLL “iaStorAfsServiceApi.dll”: The specified module could not be found…”.

The error is often seen when starting different applications. The problem also occurs after the system is booted. 

Besides, the drivers with Windows updates more often cause the error itself. The Windows operating system updates install the latest Intel drivers, where there is a service extension Intel Optane Pinning Service Extension.

How to fix

Let’s see how to fix the problem in the best way: 

Solution 1

When you start the Windows operating system, it can detect all the installed and newly installed hardware components and trigger the Intel Optane Memory Pinning error. Hence, this should be removed at once. After removing all the software, restart your system to start the processing again.

Solution 2

You should follow these steps: select “Options,” then “Applications,” then go to “Applications and Features.” On the right side, you will see Intel Optane Pinning Service Extension. Now remove it. And now you have to restart your computer or laptop.

We continue solving the problem process. Check for Intel Optane extension. Press “Win+X” on your keyboard together, then select “Device Manager.” In this area, you need to remove Intel Pinning Shell Extensions. The computer or laptop needs to be restarted, after which the error will not appear.

Solution 3

To use Intel Optane, or the error has started again, try to install Intel Rapid Storage Technology from the Intel website (only the latest version is required). The required file has a SetupRST.exe extension. 

Solution 4

Users can remove any installed or uninstalled hardware devices such as Bluetooth headsets, motherboards, USB drives, video cards, and other similar things to fix the error. These things trigger the pinched class keys and prevent the processor from accessing the correct data. However, you need to reboot the system to repair these issues. Removing the various installed and used apps can also help in solving the recently updated registry errors.

Apart from removing all the previously installed items, you can also prepare disk defragmentation on the hard disk to improve its performance level.

Solution 5

Last but not least, you can perform a clean up of the computer to boost your system’s speed and performance. This is done by going through your computer’s system registry. There is an option to delete all the temporary files present, but it is not recommended for people who have many frequently used apps on their computers. It is best to keep them in the directory, which is specially created for this purpose. Delete all the files you don’t require, and let’s hope that this problem won’t return in the future.


The ‘Intel Optane Memory Pinning Error’ causes many problems, but some Windows users handle the situation and say that the solution is not complicated. This article contains all the essential aspects of ‘Intel Optane Memory Pinning Error’ fixing. Check it now and do all the best to improve your PC or laptop.