Laptop Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi fixing – Proven methods 2021

How to fix Laptop Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi on your laptop? Here are four proven methods to solve the problem

When your laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi, the cause of the problem could be your Internet connection dropping even with your laptop connected to the wireless network.

To fix this kind of trouble, use our few methods to get your laptop working with WiFi again.

Method 1: Reboot your laptop along with your network devices

When your laptop keeps dropping out of your wireless network, the first thing to try is to reboot your computer along with your router and modem to reset your network completely.

Turn off the laptop – disconnect the power cord from it – now turn off the router and modem and disconnect them from the power cord – do nothing for about a minute – connect the power cables to the laptop with the router/modem – turn on the router/modem – turn on the laptop.

Try to connect the laptop to the wireless network. 

If this method didn’t help you, use the following way.

Method 2: Disable the power saving setting in the network adapter

Wireless networking problems occur because your system disables the wireless network adapter to save power. Try disabling the setting.

Press Windows logo key + R on your keyboard – A run dialog will open – type in the command “ncpa.cpl” – Enter – now right-click on the wireless/WiFi network adapter and go to Properties – Configure – select the tab Power Management and make sure that the box Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power is not checked – click OK.

If this method does not help you, use the following way.

Method 3: Update network driver

If your laptop is constantly disconnected from WiFi, it may be using an incorrect or outdated network driver. You can update it with a proven update program that will update or replace all the wrong drivers on your laptop on its own.

If this method couldn’t help you, use the following one.

Method 4: Change the scan interval

The user can increase the Scan Valid Interval to solve the wireless network problem.

The Scan Valid Interval represents the amount of time it takes for the network adapter to find the best network access point after reaching the limit. If this limit is higher, less time is needed for the adapter to scan for an AP.

Increase the Scan Valid Interval:

Press the Windows logo key + R – Run window appears – enter the command “ncpa.cpl” – Enter – right-click on the Wireless/WiFi network adapter, where choose Properties – click Configure – select the Advanced tab – connect on Scan Valid Interval – change the value to 120 – OK.


One of the four options we have listed should definitely help with Laptop Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi. Try the methods one by one until the problem is completely solved.