Minecraft Won’t Launch in Windows fixing

Sometimes the game cannot start in the usual way, and there are several reasons for this. Minecraft Classic recreates the game in 2009, including the bugs present in the 2009 version of Minecraft. The game also supports multiplayer with up to a total of 10 players. Let’s look at how to figure out correctly and fix the launch Minecraft error.

Method 1: Ending the Minecraft Process

Is the game has frozen, and nothing happens at all? You should open the Task Manager and terminate the process. Try restarting Minecraft.

Some users have noted that when this problem appears, there will be two MinecraftLauncher.exe. You need to complete both tasks and restart the game. After that, start Minecraft again to see if it works properly.

Method 2: Install Windows update

You can manually install Wwindows update following the steps below. Just go to the Windows Update Center and see what components you need to remove/update. Select what you need, and Windows Update will automatically do everything for you.

If this method didn’t help you, use the following one.

Method 3: Check the drivers

Outdated drivers are the primary reason behind the frequent failures while playing the game. Hence, it is the one-stop solution for fixing driver-related problems and optimizing the overall system’s performance. There are some compatibility issues between the game and the Windows version.

The “Minecraft won’t launch” problem very often appears because of drivers. This problem can occur when the user is using an incorrect video card driver or a long-outdated driver. The best way to fix the game is to update the drivers to improve the performance of your PC. You can do this automatically through special programs, on the official website of the video card manufacturer, or in the Windows Update Center.

If this method didn’t help you, use the following one.

Method 4: Running Minecraft as an administrator

A privilege issue can also cause the game to malfunction. Minecraft uses all of its capabilities, which is why you need to run Minecraft as an administrator. Right-click on Minecraft – choose Run as administrator – check Minecraft.

If this method didn’t help you, use the following one.

Method 5: Trying Compatibility Mode

Early versions of Windows often negatively affect the game by not starting it or not working well. Compatibility mode in Windows can help use the settings of different OS versions, helping to solve the problem when Minecraft doesn’t start. To do this, right-click on Minecraft – choose “Properties” – on the Compatibility tab check Run this program in compatibility mode – select OS from the drop-down menu – Apply – OK.

If this method didn’t help you, use the following one.

Method 6: Remove all mods

Minecraft is played with many different mods. Very often, many mods change the behavior of the game, causing unknown malfunctions. When users use mods in Minecraft, try to remove them all. Check the mods one by one because one of them may be causing the problem.


Minecraft Won’t Launch in Windows? Don’t worry. Just use one of the listed methods to fix the problem and enjoy your favorite game again without problems.