Steam Won’t Launch: easy and quick fixing

Steam Won’t Launch on your computer? Don’t worry because this is a fairly common mistake for many OriginSteam users. We know how to fix Steam Won’t Launch

Almost every Steam user knows about this problem when they can’t open/start their Steam client. They try to open it, but nothing happens at the end of the program closes by itself without further action. 

The problem occurs due to various reasons; for example, there are unclosed Steam processes in the background, and other programs can interfere. Of course, the malfunction is annoying and scary because you can not play. 

However, there is no need to panic because there are proven methods to Fix Steam Won’t Launch.

Method 1: Closing each Steam task in the background

It happens that the Steam client can’t completely shut down, and processes with the program’s tasks are functioning in the background. When you start Steam later, your PC OS thinks similar techniques have been running for a long time, and simply nothing happens. Make sure the Steam client opens correctly:

End all Steam tasks in Task Manager – right-click on the taskbar – select Task Manager/Run Task Manager – end all running Steam tasks – run the program and check its operation.

If this method of problem-solving can’t help you, use the following one.

Method 2: Restart your PC

Certain malfunctions with programs/processes in your PC OS cause the Steam client not to open. Your PC cache, also, is interfering with the program. Try rebooting your PC and restarting Steam.

If this method of solving the problem doesn’t help you, try the following. 

Method 3: Reboot Network Devices

A lousy network condition similarly causes problems with the program. The issues may be with the network devices (modem and router). Try restarting the network devices:

Turn off PC, modem, and router – disconnect power cords from modem and router – wait 5 minutes – reconnect power cords – turn on modem and router – turn on PC and see if a problem is fixed.

If this method of solving the problem does not help you, use the following one.

Method 4: Reinstall Steam

You can try reinstalling the Steam client to try and troubleshoot Steam files and OS compatibility:

Download Steam installer (it’s better to download the program from the official site) – open the downloaded program – follow the instructions, and install the Steam client.

If this method of solving the problem can’t help you, use the following one.

Method 5: Driver and Operating System Updates

Malfunctions with the Steam client can be related to an outdated operating system and some drivers. Try updating your system and device drivers:

Click “Start” – type “update” into the search engine – in the list of results, you should now click Check for updates or Windows Update – this will start checking your PC, and system update options will appear – download them and install them on your computer.

If this method of solving the problem doesn’t help you, use the following.

Method 6: Disabling antivirus for a while

It happens that Steam can’t open because of some interference from antivirus software. Try disabling antivirus for a while, then check Steam.


If Steam doesn’t launch, you can try to fix this problem thanks to our proven ways to troubleshoot Steam. Try each method individually, and one of them will definitely help you.