Tips and tricks to increase PC performance on Windows 10 – The best five solutions for your PC – All tricks on our site

Description: The PC is so slow? You can use these helpful tricks to increase PC performance on Windows 10

You can optimize Windows 10 without any problems! For this, you need a few minutes only. Look at our TOP-5 tips to speed up notebooks or PCs.

Solution 1: Deactivate application loading

Most applications on your computer or laptop autostart when you turn on your PC. Programs continue to function in the background.

Many applications are not used daily, but they are running, which affects the functioning of valuable system resources. It turns out that PC operation slows down a lot.

Disable applications at startup on Windows 10:

Go to ‘Settings‘ – ‘Apps‘ – ‘Startup‘ – click on ‘Sort by menu‘ – ‘Startup impact‘ option – Turn off the toggle switch in unpriority apps – Restart PC.

Solution 2: Clean up your PC hard drive with Storage Sense

An overcrowded hard drive slows down your laptop or computer. Doing a cleanup will increase your hard drive speed.

Windows 10 has a useful Storage Sense tool. Go to ‘Settings‘ – ‘System‘ – ‘Storage‘ – next, you need to toggle from ‘Off to On‘ at the screen’s upper. Additionally, Windows 10 deletes unnecessary files on its own.

Storage Sense is configured to remove unnecessary files permanently: click on “Configure Storage Sense or run it now” in-app settings. Here users can change the file deletion time (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).

Storage Sense can also remove files in Download automatically according to a schedule, move files from the computer to Microsoft OneDrive (daily, once a week, once a month, once every two months).

Solution 3: Uninstalling old versions of Windows

Users can remove older, overloaded versions of Windows. Storage Sense comes to the rescue once again.

To remove them, you need to check the box near “Delete previous Windows versions” at the bottom of the screen. In Storage Sense, delete unwanted versions of Windows 10 days after the last updates.

Solution 4: Application restarts at startup need to be disabled

Windows 10 has a feature that restarts apps from the last session before the user logs into a personal account.

The feature affects system performance. It would be best if you disabled it:

Settings‘ – ‘Sign-in options‘ – ‘Privacy‘ section – turn off the “Use my sign-in info” – reload the PC.

Solution 5: Cleaning the Registry

Windows Registry keeps track of and controls almost all operating system components (info about program storage, DLLs, types of open/closed files, etc.).

The Registry is always very ‘cluttered.’ Uninstalling any program often leaves its Registry settings. So, after a while, the Registry gets filled with thousands of outdated settings, and the PC or laptop slows down.

Don’t even think about trying to clean it all up yourself. It’s impossible. It would help if you had a registry cleaner for that. There are many available, free or paid.

Before using any registry cleaner, you should back up your Registry. The backup is done as follows: type regedit.ext into the search box – Enter next – then in the File menu select Export – “All” under “Export range” – the user needs to choose the location as well as the file name – last click on Save.

Restore the Registry (open the registry editor): ‘File’ – ‘Import‘ – ‘Open‘ the saved file.

Install any registry cleaner. You can select the cleaning sections (File Associations, Internet, Fonts, etc.) in the app.

Next, the program should scan the Registry for any problems: click ‘Scan Now‘ – then select ‘Scan‘. The user will first investigate all existing registry problems. If there are many Registry problems, the program will show the detected errors and their severity and be fixed. Click the Repair button on the components that you think need to be fixed.


Here are five of the best tips and tricks to improve your Windows 10 computer or laptop’s performance. In just a few steps, you can find out that low computer or laptop performance problems are easy to fix for a long time. Try one or all of them together to make your PC fast and productive!