TOP-3 Android smartphone keyboard apps

Finding the best Android keyboard app is a pretty important choice for convenience. The keyboard in your phone provides speed with the accuracy used in the phone for communication, typing commands, passwords, logins, etc. To your attention, some exciting keyboard options that can become your faithful companion.


Gboard is number one among keyboards for Android phones. Some of the reasons users choose this particular program include machine learning, easy access to sticker pack gifs, and an excellent dictionary tied to the user’s Google account. Gboard functions at its best on every Android device.

Here you’ll find intelligent features that Android users have enjoyed in other keyboards but on an unrestricted basis. The themes in the program are varied and vibrant, and the Material Black option is the best among many other alternatives. Gboard also can create your gifs.


Swiftkey has been considered a staple application among keyboards on Android devices for many years. Previously, the program was more popular, but creating a personal dictionary is the main advantage of SwiftKey even today.

Here you’ll find settings that you can select and customize, plus there are helpful features like a built-in GIF search. The autocorrection in SwiftKey is very advanced. The program tries to predict what you’re saying by displaying the result in the line at the top of the keyboard. Registered users through a Microsoft account can save settings with preferences for synchronization on every device that has SwiftKey.

SwiftKey is an excellent free keyboard for productive work that can be handy for many Android users.


Not only does Chrooma provide users with themes to choose from, but the ability to color the keyboard adjusts to each app you use. The feature highlights blue for Twitter, green for Spotify, yellow for Google Keep, and the like.

Chrooma also has a night mode that dims the keyboard colors at night. The color palette of the program made ideal for many applications, plus there is a possibility to switch the colors of the applications, where shades look bad.

Very cool in the thoughtful application swipe in all directions of the screen. By swiping to the left and right, the user can delete whole words or sentences in fragments of text. The program is free, but more features are in the Premium version, which costs $9.99.