Top Android launcher apps on your phone

Locating, organizing, and interacting with apps on your Android phone is the work of the launcher, which consists of home screens where app shortcuts with widgets reside, and other apps reside in the app drawer.

Every Android smartphone, regardless of price, has a launcher. Not every launcher is up to the task, so there are third-party programs that you can check out right now.

Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher has been around for a long time. The home screen has a widget placement system with a modular page system. However, an essential feature is the app drawer. Smart Launcher 5 automatically sorts apps into several categories. By paying for the Smart Launcher Pro version, you can get your classes and sort the drawer tabs in different ways.

Smart Launcher is also one of the best quick home screen themes.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is a staple among Android home screens. It combines customization, convenience, and tricks. With Nova, you can customize your phone in a way that it can’t remind you of other counterparts. The program makes it easy and elegant to create a unique, stable, and reliable home screen.

Many features allow Nova to implement every great theme and create a personalized home screen. Other valuable features include subnet positioning and a reliable backup system. Nova Launcher 7 has recently moved to a stable channel with updates to the settings and appearance of the program.

Action Launcher

Action Launcher has robust gesture controls and ubiquitous covers and curtains that can hide widget folders under app icons.

Action Launcher can provide the user with a personalized home screen. Material color palette or custom colors – choose what you want!

Action Launcher can support features of newer versions of Android. The theme creation capabilities work incredibly fast, and you can make quick adjustments here as well.

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher is a native program for the Android interface. It is a high-quality and perfectly updated launcher. Here you can select widgets from edge to edge and position the subnetting.

Microsoft Launcher stands out with a clean home screen and an intelligent page on the left, working with an activated Microsoft account and more. Program settings are made through the necessary options.

Microsoft Launcher is a lightweight launcher that will suit anyone who uses Microsoft for work, study, or personal use.

Niagara Launcher

Niagara is a great launcher program that has managed to gain popularity in a short time. It is straightforward to create themes and place one or more widgets at the top of the screen.

Niagara Launcher’s feature set is vast. The program adapts quickly to all screens, and Niagara has single-column and dual-column settings.