Top WhatsApp tips and tricks you should know

Original WhatsApp is restricted to be only a phone-based messenger, so it is impossible to launch it on multiple devices. But what to do when you want to access your WhatsApp contacts from your computer? This question has been asked numerous times before the release of WhatsApp Web. This version is just as good as lets you reach your contacts and get access to your messages. Today we want to share with our readers some cool tips and tricks for the WhatsApp Web. We are pretty sure that some of them you will be using on a daily basis!

How to use WhatsApp Web?

First, open this page – – in your browser. You will see a QR code there.

Now run WhatsApp on your smartphone, and go to the menu.

Tap on WhatsApp Web to launch phone’s camera. 

Now scan the QR code from the page. After doing that, you will get access to your messages and chats on your computer.

Useful WhatsApp Web tips & tricks

The Web version of WhatsApp is just as easy to use as the mobile one. However, you can manage it more efficiently with our tips and tricks. Get the most out of your messenger!

1. One shared network for your phone and computer

Did you know that WhatsApp Web uses data from your smartphone? All messages, all media, chats, and so on use phone data. To save some data and ensure faster operation of WhatsApp Web, we recommend you to connect your devices to one network. If you are planning to use the web version on your computer in future, be sure to check the remember option on your PC.

2. Log out from individual devices and global logout

WhatsApp Web allows you to connect multiple devices to use the service. But at the same time, only one device can be active. For example, if you been using WhatsApp Web on a compromised or hacked device, you should log out from that device. To do that open the original WhatsApp on your smartphone and select WhatsApp Web.  

Now you can select devices that will no longer have access to your messages or just log out from all devices you have been using WhatsApp on.

Every time you launch WhatsApp Web, the service sends a notification on your phone.

3. Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Create new chat: Ctrl + Alt + N
  • Create new group: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + U
  • Move to next chat: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + ]:
  • Move to previous chat: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + [
  • Move chat to archives: Ctrl + Alt + E
  • Mute chat notifications: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + M
  • Delete chat: Ctrl + Alt + Backspace
  • Mark as unread: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + U
  • Open profile: Ctrl + Alt + P

In addition to these, all regular shortcuts for standard keyboards that work in web browsers (for example, undo/redo with CTRL + Z and CTRL + Y) work here as well.

4. Emoji with a keyboard

  • Press Shift + Tab keys to switch focus on the emoji icon.
  • Press Enter to open the menu with Emoji.
  • Search for emoji you need by typing.

5. View new messages without switching to the tab

As you probably know, WhatsApp Web informs the user with a notification each time a new message is received. It stays a few short moments as a pop-up and then disappears forever. With extensions like WAToolkit, you can view those messages without switching to them. This way you also don’t trigger the read status.

6. Download media from WhatsApp Web

The web version of WhatsApp supports all kinds of file operations. For example, if you want to share files from your disk with someone on WhatsApp, you can just drag the file and drop it to the chat. The app will upload it and send it.

It is also possible to download video, images, and other files from WhatsApp. Click the object you want to download and look for a download button (top left corner).

7. Change wallpapers in chats

  • Click on the icon with three dots to open app’s settings.
  • Select Change Chat Wallpaper.
  • In this menu, you can change the background’s color for your chats.

Note: changing the wallpaper for the web version of WhatsApp won’t change the chat background in the mobile version of the app.

8. Multiple WhatsApp Web

To use multiple WhatsApp Web account, you just need multiple WhatsApp numbers. If you want to do this trick, then you must remember to switch your browser to the private (incognito) mode or use another browser.

This concludes our overview of useful tips and tricks for WhatsApp Web. Stay tuned for more posts like this, where we will cover more tips to improve productivity and efficiency of various apps.