Update DirectX in Windows 10 – correct methods of updating – DirectX and Gaming

 DirectX will help your Windows computer become even more robust and more efficient; you need to update DirectX to the latest version only

Updating DirectX in Windows 10 quickly and easily

DirectX is a unique library that allows programs to enter the video card extra “directly.” Game builders would write to make use of the DirectX libraries, as would graphics card producers. These days, as an alternative to seeking your card mannequin between an inventory of probably tons of listed models, you as a substitute solely have to make sure your graphics card is suitable with the DirectX model.

If you need it, you may have to install it, and it’s reasonably painless expertise. The window that opens is a very conventional-trying Windows interface. All the info it provides is merely informational – a lot of particulars about your system, the show settings, rendering features and drivers, sound information, and current input gadgets.

Why DirectX is Matter For Gaming?

With DirectX 12, video games will likely see higher efficiency due to the load being tossed between the several cores simultaneously as an alternative to dumping loads onto one core at a time. 

AMD’s Mantle allowed developers to utilize this power in suitable Radeon graphics chips. Mantle was seemingly properly-obtained and performed spectacularly, but it was short-lived, as Microsoft shortly launched a DirectX model that gave builders higher access to hardware. This latter function is vital, as builders can squeeze every ounce of efficiency out of hardware, in addition, to benefit from built-in part features.

DirectX has grown to facilitate different media functions inside Windows, but it’s primarily related to the graphical capabilities. Technically, the graphics part of DirectX is known as Direct3D, while other elements embody DirectShow for media, DirectWrite for fonts, and so forth. 

How To Update DirectX In Windows 10

If the user does not know what current version of DirectX is installed on the PC, it is necessary to check the DirectX version. If it is not the latest version, DirectX 12, you need to upgrade.

Method 1: Check the version of DirectX

Before updating the program, check the version of DirectX:

  • Press the Windows key on your keyboard – copy and paste dxdiag into the box – click on dxdiag.
  • Look at your version of DirectX (the information will appear on the first page).

Method 2: Update DirectX

If the user does not have the latest version of DirectX installed, update the software to the new version in Windows 10 via Windows Update.

Press the key with Windows on the keyboard – check for input – now click on Check for updates – look for updates – if there are any, allow Windows Update to download and install the latest version of DirectX automatically.

Method 3: Device driver updates

When Microsoft began detailing new features of its upcoming Windows 10 operating system, it talked about DirectX 12. Gamers will instantly know what that is; however, they might not notice just how important an update will be. You’ll have the ability to play the latest PC games at 1440p without issues, and the worth on supply here is pretty great. While it is thrilling to see DirectX 12 Ultimate debut on the Xbox Series X, it’s coming to Windows PCs first.

For a stable PC and better graphics capabilities in games, drivers must always be up to update. To update them, the procedure is carried out manually or automatically. By using a particular program for driver updates, such as Driver Easy, you can automatically detect your PC’s system and find the correct drivers that are missing. 

The user does not need to know what system is installed on his computer, and there is no risk of downloading and installing the wrong drivers. The program will do everything on its own.


To be clear, DirectX 12 is going to benefit Windows 10 players the most. Of course, there shall be different benefits concerning better video performance, notably as customers scale as much as 4K.

You can upgrade your PC to the latest version of DirectX with our proven methods, which will help you get the most out of your PC!