What Is Avast Silent Mode?

Avast silent mode is that state during which all Avast notifications are being mechanically turned off within the system, this often means, no more interruptions or pop-ups.

What Does Avast Silent Mode Do?

This is simply a possibility designed for a smooth usage of the computer’s screen, which means that you can enjoy playing games on your computer or manage powerpoint presentation without being interrupted by merely activating the Silent/gaming mode. When this is done, Avast can run mechanically in silent mode once a full-screen application is running. This implies that your games or alternative full-screen apps won’t be interrupted with annoying/unwanted pop-ups or notifications.

The orange Avast icon situated in your Windows system can equally be used to access this feature without going through the main interface. No one needs to be disturbed by a computer code notification once they are playing a game or conducting a business presentation.

What Is Avast Silent Gaming  Mode?

Avast silent mode is pretty much the same with Avast silent Game mode. Even though the protection offered by Avast Free Antivirus is extremely useful while giving a presentation or taking part in your favorite game, it should not be the most effective time for a pop-up notification, which is why you can activate the Avast Silent Mode and enjoy an uninterrupted gaming session.

How To Mute Avast Notification

To silence or mute Avast Silent Mode or Play Mode, these procedures can be followed:

Turn on Silent/gaming mode

Activate the Silent/gaming mode once, and never worry about getting interrupted again. This can cause Avast to run in silent mode even when a full-screen application is running. Meaning that your games or alternative full-screen apps won’t be interrupted with annoying/unwanted pop-ups or nagging messages.

Turn this mode on quickly by right-clicking on the orange Avast icon situated in your computer’s receptacle and a menu will pop up, then click on Silent/gaming mode to turn it on.

You can access this selection through the main interface by navigating to Settings>General and checking the box for Silent/gaming mode. This will auto-disable messages, pop-ups, and other irrelevant alerts from Avast.

Silence notifications: Open the Avast interface. Click Settings > General > Sounds, and uncheck the ‘Change Avast sounds’ box. If you customized the sound pack, then, be sure to uncheck the voice overs sound settings.

Choose the notifications you would like to silence

Avast has six ‘events’ with ‘notifications’ associated with them. These events show ‘Threats detected, Suspicious items detected, Unwanted programs detected, Scans completed, Automatic updates, and Firewall questions. You’ve got the choice to uncheck these boxes if you wish.

Turn off pop-ups

Occasionally, Avast provides users with alternative security products, and Avast will know if you no longer see the notifications. However, customers who have paid for the premium version of Avast have a choice to flip those off entirely.

Once again, open the Avast interface and head to Settings > General. Then, scroll down to Pop-ups. Expand that, and you’ll see all types of choices. You will discontinue seeing all these pop-ups; however, you may miss out on a severe security breach or a critical alert. To avoid missing out on alerts, you are advised to tweak the period (how several seconds the pop-up appears) of the various styles of pop-ups. It’s all simplified for you; thus, you can modify as you like.

Note that users of the free Avast product have the choice to alter the period of the pop-ups too.

Turn Off Computer Code Updater (Software Updater)

Software Updater may be a helpful feature since it’s function is to notify you of old versions of computers or old versions of software. You can check for out-of-date computer codes manually through the search bar on the main window, and disable the notices. Or, head to Settings > Tools > Software Updater, and then click on customize. Uncheck your choice Notifications (pop-ups) to disable.

You can also put off Software Updater completely via Settings > Tools, then move the slider to the OFF position.

Turn Off Cleanup

Avast Cleanup is an improvement tool that cleans your Windows system by removing bloatware, trialware, adware, and other unwanted junk so that your PC can run at its most optimum state.

Instead of turning it off altogether, you are advised to modify the settings. For example, you can adjust Avast Cleanup to notify you if it finds a definite number of problems or after a selected period – a day, week, or month.

But if you would like to turn off Avast Cleanup pop-ups, then go to your Avast interface, and head to Settings > Tools > Cleanup, and then click on the customize button. Uncheck the box that says ‘Continually check this laptop for performance problems.’

Or, put off Cleanup entirely in Settings > Tools, and then move the slider to the OFF position