What Version of Chrome do i Have

Not every user is curious about the version of Chrome he or she uses. However, you should keep in mind that Google develops Chrome in a variety of “channels”. The developers test their features before they release a final product. If you are bothered by the question of “what version of Chrome do I have?”, this insightful review might help you.

To check Chrome version, you need to go to the About page. Here you can find everything you need to know about your browser. To find this information, you need to go to the menu (three vertical dots that are published in the right corner of your browser). Just click on the Menu button, then go to “Help” and click on “About Chrome” .

A long number that you will see in the opened window is the version of your browser.

However, if you aren’t a tech-savvy user, these figures won’t tell you anything. Let’s look at this question in greater details.

What Do the First Two Digits Mean?

Google updates Chrome almost every two months. We mean large releases with new options and new interfaces. Some smaller patches are released more often. The first two figures mean that it is the main version.

We mostly use the stable version of Chrome. But when you open the “About page” and see “Dev”, “Beta” or “Canary”, this means that you are currently using a pre-release version of Google Chrome. Chrome Stable is the most popular version. Even when you surf the net with the keywords “install Chrome”, you’ll download this version. If your goal is to have a safe browsing experience, this version might be the right thing.

Chrome Beta version is meant for testing some new options before a wider audience can see them. For example, when the standard version is 51, the beta version is 52.

The main distinctive feature of Chrome Dev is that it is widely used to check some comprehensive changes. However, this version is not the best one. It is prone to hanging tabs and frequent crashing.

Chrome Canary is the latest version of the browser. The word “Canary” means three full versions ahead of the standard release. The developers update it on an ongoing basis. Therefore, it is the main tool for them to check some capability issues.

If you see that you use a too old version, all you need to do is to uninstall Chrome from your device and install the latest version.

Now, you know how to check the version of Chrome. Make sure that you use its latest version!