Why Does Chrome Keep Crashing

Most or all users of Google Chrome would quite agree that this is the most popularly used browser in the world as of today. Therefore, it is a massive inconvenience if Google Chrome keeps crashing while it is been used. Sometimes, if it does crash when you least need it, you may end up just about losing sensitive or even very important work or data as the case may be. If this does happen a lot of times, allowing yourself to wait for Chrome to come back up and running may equally result in you wasting your precious time over this. Here we try to understand why Google Chrome keeps crashing, and possibly what you can do when it happens.

There are a few ways by which one can get easily notified when Chrome crashes. You will get the usual crash message – He’s dead Jim! or even Aw, snap. This goes to signify a crash and the need for you to try again with the browser. These messages may actually be a bit humorous but when you get to lose important data or information, you may not see these messages as such. Sometimes, Google Chrome may just crash every other time within a month and this may seem perfectly normal as an occurrence and as such, you can go ahead to ignore the issue. However, once Chrome starts freezing more often than not, you may have to find a way to fix it and stop the crashed.

You can go ahead to get a detailed list of why Chrome has been crashing if you access its hidden page by typing Chrome://crashes in the address bar and hitting the Enter button. This throws up a list of already occurred crashes and the times of occurrence. Usually, Chrome crashes can occur for a few reasons including;

  • When the update is installed incorrectly or when there is a configuration error with Windows.
  • It could also happen due to malware infection or when there are conflicting modules on the browser.
  • Chrome can also crash sometimes if it is low on memory or when you haven’t cleared the cache for a very long while.

There are a few ways you can go ahead to sort the problem of Google Chrome crashes. A few of these are detailed below;

Checking Application Conflicts

There is also a feature with Chrome which allows you to know about any other applications installed on your PC that could be affecting how it functions. To access this feature, you can go to Menu and then Settings, and then click Advanced at the page bottom. Once you scroll all the way down to the part that says you can Update or remove any incompatible applications, clicking it lets Chrome show you all problematic applications. If you decide to remove these applications is mainly your decision. Some applications such as Malwarebytes Premium may be shown to be causing you problems even though it helps you to block or restrict access to any dangerous sites and keep you safe.

Disabling Extensions

You could go ahead to check the installed extensions if you go through Menu and then More Tools and Extensions. When you locate this, you can go ahead to disable or even entirely remove anything which you are not using actively. You should also make sure to remove anything that is meant to be removed or any extensions that could be a hindrance to Google Chrome working effectively. If you have too many extensions, this can work to down the browser and in fact, any malicious extensions could act as an interference with how Chrome operates. Sometimes, users may have a plethora of extensions which they may not want to disable manually, then opening this through an incognito window can work to disable all extensions. When you visit a website when you are in incognito mode, it is a lot easier for you to determine if an extension is causing the crashing problem.

Scanning for Malware

Google Chrome could also be freezing due to presence of malware. While this is not a usual occurrence, it is worth checking out for the presence of malware or a malicious program. Such programs could work to mess up you’re the functionality of your browser and its security as well as the network settings going ahead to cause you connection issues. The good thing is that Chrome comes with a malware scanner in-built with it, but you can also use any of the malware remover tools available to carry out a very thorough check.

Disabling Hardware Acceleration

Basically, hardware acceleration helps offload heavy work to any other available component instead of the CPU. Most times, this ensures graphical tasks are carried out by the GPU. When you enable this, it ensures Chrome can run much more smoothly although it can also cause issues in a few cases. If by any chance you are still experiencing any Google Chrome crashes, you could go ahead and disable hardware acceleration to see if there are any chances your issues may be solved. For you to do this, you can go to Menu and then Settings and all the way through to the Advanced section. You can then disable the Use hardware acceleration where available button.

In actual fact, there are a few more ways you could solve the issue of Google Chrome when it keeps crashing. You could even go ahead to switch browsers as an over-the-top solution and essentially not continue your use of Chrome. Whatever solution you choose may actually be entirely up to you and what could work for you and does not affect the functionality of your PC or any of the other installations on it.