Why is Chrome so Slow

When Google Chrome turns sluggish, you get upset. You can’t do your work on time and all in all, it irritates every user. However, Google Chrome is considered a fast and reliable browser, but from time to time, it can also slow down. As a result, all these glitches can limit your productivity.

So, why is Chrome so slow? Let’s try to find out why Chrome is lagging and what to do to tackle that challenge. Below, you can find a few simple tips that can help you overcome this difficulty.

Use an Anti-Virus Scanner

Not always Google Chrome is the main reason for the slowness of your browser. Sometimes, viruses can damage your computer. Therefore, you need to install and run a malware scanner. In the majority of instances, it works.

Check the Rendering Speed of Images

Have you ever checked your product gallery? Almost every user has tons of photos on social media. You should keep in mind that the majority of online images are raster graphics; raster threads are the ways how your browser can read all these images.

Well, how can you do that? 

  • First, you need to type in the address bar “chrome://flags”.
  • Press Ctrl+F to find a certain flag.
  • After you find them, you need to change the default settings.

To check whether you solved the issue, you need to relaunch your browser.

Use the Default Browser Settings

If you see that Chrome download speed is slow, you can return to the default settings. Sometimes, extensions can influence the work of your browser. However, it is really hard to check which one is the reason for all the problems. Therefore, the only solution is to revert your browser to the default setup.

To do this, you should follow these directions:

  • Open your browser;
  • Open the “More menu” (three grey dots).
  • Go to the Advanced Settings.
  • Find a Reset section and click on it.

That’s all! Now, check whether it helped to solve this issue.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

This is another solution to this problem:

  • Open the Menu button;
  • Go to the “Settings”;
  • Now, you need to open the “Advanced Settings”;
  • Scroll down and find the “System section”.
  • Now, you just need to disable hardware acceleration.

Users say that this tip can give your browser a big performance boost. When you do this, you need to shut down your browser and open it once again.

Sometimes, speed-specific extensions can be the best solution to this problem. Today, there’s a broad selection of them, you just need to pick the one, which can meet your demands.