WiFi Network Not Showing Up on Computer: Correct methods of updating 2021

Our methods will help if WiFi Network Not Showing Up on Computer. Check each of them and fix your problem

When a user wants to connect to the Internet on a PC, but the regular WiFi network can’t be displayed, it causes trouble and panic. However, there is no need to worry because the problem can be solved using our proven methods.

Method 1: Turn WiFi service on

The problem is mainly caused by the fact that Windows has disabled the WiFi service, so you cannot connect. Try turning on the WiFi service with these methods:

  • Turning WiFi service on via the WiFi switch

Press the button on your keyboard to turn WiFi on or off (Fn+F5).

  • Check your network settings

No WiFi switch on your PC? Then try checking it on your system:

Right-click on the Internet icon – click Open Shared Network Control Center – now click Change Adapter Settings – right-click on WiFi – click Enable – restart Windows, then reconnect to WiFi.

If this method does not work for you, try the following.

Method 2: Enabling the WLAN AutoConfig service

The WLAN AutoConfig service configures security settings with your wireless network connection. When the service is enabled, then the WLAN AutoConfig settings are configured for every IEEE 802.11 wireless network adapter that you have on your PC. The connection should be made like this:

On your keyboard, press the Windows logo and R keys simultaneously – a “Run” window will appear, in which you must enter the services.msc command and press Enter – now right-click on Wlan AutoConfig to select Properties – now select Automatic in Startup type – press Apply – OK.

The last step is to reboot the computer, after which you must try to connect to WiFi again.

If this method does not help you, use the following one.

Method 3: Updating the Driver 

The wireless network driver is the right way to solve the problem. This component allows your operating system to work with your wireless/network adapters. When the WiFi driver is missing, there is no way to connect.

You can update the network driver manually by finding and installing it, but it must match your Windows OS. Download the network driver from the manufacturer’s website.

Automatic driver updates are made by special verified programs that will find the correct driver and install it on your computer.

If this method does not help you, use the following one.

Method 4: Reboot the modem with the WiFi router 

When the problem appears on your home WiFi network, you should check your WiFi to know that it is your WiFi that has the problem (prevent your router, SSID translation, and interfering devices).

The Internet Service Provider (ISP) is the most common cause of the problem. It would help if you restar your modem and wireless router to reconnect with your ISP:

Disconnect the wireless router with a modem from the power source – wait 30 seconds – reconnect the devices – now on your PC connect to the WiFi network.

If this method does not help you, use the following one.

Method 5: Turn on SSID Broadcasting

SSID broadcasting makes your WiFi network visible to the network adapter. If you disable SSID broadcasting, your WiFi network will not appear in the list:

Find out the IP address, username, and password of your wireless router – open the browser on your PC – enter the IP address in the browser – press Enter – enter the username and password and click on Login – now go to Wireless and to Wireless Settings, where you must check the box to enable SSID broadcasting – Save – restart your PC and reconnect to WiFi.

If this method does not help you, use the following one.

Method 6: Check for Interference

Your WiFi signal can suffer due to interference from your household devices (phones, microwave, etc.) that use 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequencies:

Turn on any devices that may be interfering and unplug – on the PC, try reconnecting the WiFi – the problem may be resolved because the interference has disappeared. 

Move the modem with the wireless router to any other location so that the devices are away from interference.


Each of our six methods can help you with your WiFi Network Not Showing Up on Computer problems. Try the methods one at a time until one of them helps you.